DJN New Metabolism CLEANSE

Derek's Modern Functional Cleanse

Intermittent Fasting | Includes caffeine option | 1-2 smoothies a day7-28 day options 

The New Metabolism Cleanse

nmc cleanse

gives your body the break it needs from the toxic world we live in and the stress you put on your body every day. Celebrity and expert holistic nutritionist Derek Johnson designed the DJN New Metabolism Cleanse to help thousands of people get clean, lean and motivated to living a healthier lifestyle. 

“Making the commitment to cleanse your body a few times a year is beneficial to your overall health. A great aftereffect is that by the end of this cleanse, you will be motivated to continue eating clean and healthy, exercise consistently and to give your body the rest it needs to repair,” says Derek. Hollywood stars like Chris O’Donnell, Jim Belushi, Craig T. Nelson, Michelle Williams and many others have experienced great results with this cleanse. If they can make the commitment to cleanse their bodies – shouldn't you consider doing the same? 

What is the New Metabolism Cleanse? 

The New Metabolism Cleanse is a simple and effective cleanse that will give you a jump-start on your health and wellness routine. This is not a maple syrup/cayenne pepper/honey-type of cleanse your body trickery that doesn’t provide sustainable results. To truly detoxify, your body doesn’t need to starve – it needs support and nutrients that help expel the toxins and bring your body back into balance.


One of the major obstacles I've heard from clients about doing an annual cleanse is the restriction on caffeine. After conducting extensive research into the nutrition science of this cleanse, I have decided it is not a make-or-break element of this program and cutting it out doesn't truly affect the end results.  

In fact, if you utilize caffeine correctly, you will CAN EVEN get better results. I found that over 75% of my clients drink caffeinated tea or coffee and that number is near 90% of those who choose to this cleanse. Caffeine in itself is not bad - how much we consume and what we add to our caffeine is the problem. 

The point of a truly integrative cleanse program should be viewed as a reset for your body. The lifestyle we lead, coupled by all the stress, the food/drinks we consume, our environment and all the toxins we come into contact with every day don't give our bodies the reprieve it needs every so often. This cleanse provides exactly that - it's 7 - 28 days of giving your body a chance to re-calibrate and the opportunity for you to get motivated and disciplined about your workouts since sweat furthers the detoxification. 

How many smoothies or real food meals you have each day will be entirely up to you. One person may have 2 while someone else would do 1 shake, 2 real-food meals + 1 snack. What matters is taking the supplements, eating super clean according to the New Metabolism Cleanse Guide plus being consistent about taking all the detox powders and supplements you'll need to properly cleanse your body. ** 

Each supplement and each powder included in this program was specifically chosen by me to achieve optimal results. But as with every aspect of my nutrition philosophy, consistency is key. 

Eating “clean” is essential to this program. There are strict guidelines to follow when it comes to what foods are allowed, but you’ll get the hang of it, we promise! Working out is key to achieving the results this cleanse can provide. Sweating is a fantastic way to expel toxins so be prepared to get your workout on!

The New Metabolism CLEANSE keeps it simple. 

  • 28 PURIFY+ dairy-free protein + cleansing powders in conveniently pre-measured packets for your shakes! 
  • 28 SUPPORT capsule packets ready to provide all the supplementation you need to cleanse optimally! (3 qty D-Tox capsules + 1 qty Antiox-Pro capsules)
  • 1 MagEase capsule bottle for dual action support to promote sound sleep & bowel regularity. 
  • 1 New Metabolism Cleanse Guide® that features sample menu plans, healthy snacks, shake recipes & nutrition tips.
  • Email support throughout your cleanse program.

It can provide relief from:

Bad breath  Weight Loss Resistance
Bloating & Digestive Issues Joint Pain
Fatigue/Weariness Lack of Concentration
Headaches Skin Rashes

You'll experience:

Anti-Aging Effects Heightened vitality
Clearer Skin Improved digestion
Decreased Body fat Improved digestion
Decreased Brain Fog Increased energy
Enhanced Immune System Peaceful/sound sleep
Greater Motivation Reduced Allergic Symptoms
Heightened vitality Reduced food cravings


What is detoxification?

Detoxification is a natural and normal purification process that your body continuously uses to get rid of substances and toxins that can be harmful to your health. When your body is unable to properly eliminate these toxins, it creates a toxic burden that can overload and put stress on your kidneys and liver. The New Metabolism Cleanse helps to cleanse your body by providing the support it needs to detoxify properly and get a fresh start.**

What are toxins?

There are many types of toxins in our environment and those caused from our hectic lifestyles. The most common toxic culprits are air pollution, stress, inability to get quality sleep, lack of exercise, etc. – all of which hamper your body’s ability to conduct this function as efficiently as possible. Toxins can also be derived from improper digestion (and bacteria) and have toxic side effects that can impact your overall health. Harmful health consequences of toxic overload include: Decreased energy Slow metabolism which can cause symptoms of fatigue, brain fog and weight loss resistance Increased risk of many types of cancer (colon, lung, liver, and bladder) Potential immune system impairment, autoimmune disease, brain degeneration or impaired memory.


DJN Cleanse Health Disclaimer:

Making responsible decisions regarding your health and wellness is your right – make sure you are educated enough to understand the contents and effects the New Metabolism Cleanse involves. This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice or medical care of a qualified health care professional and you should seek the advice of your health care professional before undertaking any dietary or lifestyle changes. For our complete health disclaimer, please visit here.

To ensure your safety, do not participate in the New Metabolism Cleanse if you are:

  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Under the age of 18
  • Have any of the following health issues: active cancer, liver disease, hepatitis, on medications for bipolar disorder or have an allergy to any ingredient listed. The medical foods all contain appreciable levels of minerals which may be an issue for those with kidney disease or on drugs such as anti-hypertensives where elevations in minerals may be an issue
  • Living outside of the U.S.A. At this time, this cleanse is only shipped to U.S. addresses.

**The opinion and nutritional advice provided by New Metabolism Inc. & Derek Johnson Nutrition regarding the New Metabolism Cleanse has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.


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