Akkermansia Probiotic (30 capsuples

Revitalize Your Gut with Akkermansia Muciniphila - The Keystone Strain

Potent Probiotic Power: This Akkermansia supplement boasts a formidable 100 million AFU of a patented strain of Akkermansia muciniphila. This novel probiotic naturally resides in the lining of the large intestines, diligently fortifying and enhancing the gut barrier. Research indicates that in healthy individuals, Akkermansia constitutes approximately 4% of intestinal bacteria, playing a pivotal role in nurturing a robust gut microbiome.

Nurture Your Gut Health: Elevating levels of Akkermansia muciniphila in the gut fosters a resilient intestinal wall, fundamental for optimal digestive function. Recognized as a keystone strain for gut health, it diligently restores, shields, and fortifies the digestive lining. Incorporate one capsule daily to invigorate and bolster your gut microbiome, alleviating digestive discomforts along the way.

Cultivate Overall Wellness: A harmoniously balanced gut microbiome is synonymous with overall well-being. Amplified quantities of Akkermansia muciniphila signify a healthier gut environment. Trust Pendulum as the pioneering brand offering Akkermansia probiotics, empowering your gut's vitality.

Safety Meets Efficacy: This Akkermansia formulation diligently elevates Akkermansia muciniphila levels sans any harmful additives or medications. Rigorously third-party tested in ISO 17025 Certified Labs and manufactured adhering to cGMP standards, our product attains the coveted GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status. Each capsule is encapsulated in a plant-based, acid-resistant, delayed-release casing, ensuring the strain reaches its intended destination within the gut microbiome.

Potent Synergies: In addition to the proprietary Akkermansia muciniphila strain, our formula includes chicory inulin, a prebiotic fiber traversing the lower gut to foster the proliferation of beneficial bacteria. It serves as sustenance for the Akkermansia probiotic, collectively fostering a diverse and flourishing gut microbial ecosystem.

Elevate your gut health with Akkermansia - the cornerstone of digestive well-being. Trust in Pendulum for a journey towards optimal gut vitality.

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